FMS Moving Map Operational Enhancements

  • We use only (Geographic Information Systems) GIS data, not scanned in paper aeronautical charts or maps.

Result: Accurate and very current maps. The ability to correctly identify a specific house on a street. GIS is used by most counties planning departments, so there is usually a road on the map, before there is a road on the ground.


  • We use Satellite or Orthophoto layers for a “picture” of the destination.

Result: Crews have a daytime “picture” of their destination, which provides additional information that will be useful for their mission. The more information provided to the crews, even before launch, will assist in better/safer decisions.


  • We can use as many, or as few “layers” of data, as required.

Result: Only the information needed is used. Irrelevant information is not presented, and hence not confusing or clouding good decision making.


  • Features can be added as a layer.

Result: Runway centerlines can be added, so crews know which side of the active runway they are on, even when very low, or out of sight of the airport. Electrical lines can be added as a layer, so crews know which side of the road the electrical wires are on. Cell phone towers can be added. Temporary construction towers can be added by the flight crews, in real time.


  • Software runs in Windows, and is compatible with any other Windows based software.

Result: Software is very intuitive, and easy to learn. Typically a crew member is competent with the system at the end of their first shift. No major training issues or training budgets. System allows familiar “Copy/ Paste” commands from dispatch software or other Windows software.      


  • Allows user selection of preferences.

Result: Operator can have the track line follow the helicopter, or be laid down when address is selected. Operator can have the helicopter in the center of the screen, or the target address centered, or have both on the screen. When both are selected, the screen automatically zooms in as the aircraft approaches the target.