President’s Message and Biography

Mr. Taylor is a licensed Aircraft Engineer with 35 years of direct experience in aviation.

His career started with Nova and Husky Oil where he established the company’s aviation department, acquired Canada’s first AS355 Twinstar, and organized two operational bases for rotary wing pipeline inspections in some of Canada’s most challenging wilderness environments.  In addition he was instrumental in modernizing and maintaining the company’s fixed wing jet fleet of HS125, BAe125, and Citations, as well as the piston C337s.

Mr Taylor then applied his talent to create an Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO) for ALC Airlift Canada which became knows as STARS (Shock Trauma Air Rescue Society).  The task was to create and organize a maintenance department and obtain the necessary approvals for the company’s eight fixed and rotary wing aircraft and from four bases spread throughout South-Western Canada.
The approval challenges were not limited to the organization but also to the numerous unique and novel modifications made to these aircraft to broaden their operational effectiveness and increase the patient survival rates.

Mr. Taylor continued his success as the Directory of Maintenance for the Calgary Police Air Service, where he established Canada’s first Municipal Police air service.  Acting behalf of Calgary’s Police Commission and City Council, Mr Taylor evaluated and ultimately acquired rotary aircraft for the police.  Today, the leadership and stewardship that was instilled by Mr. Taylor continue to be demonstrated in the continuous improvement to the fleet, and the recognition that the Calgary Police fleet maintains its recognition as some of the most technically advanced Police aircraft in the world.

Concurrent with his efforts on behalf of the Police Mr. Taylor’s entrepreneurial strengths founded Flight Management Systems of Calgary.  The company’s focus was on developing and manufacturing a Digital Moving Map system primarily used in Law Enforcement applications which allows crew to positively identify a house from the air. The product is GIS (Geographic Information Systems) based, GPS coupled, fully digital moving map system and incorporates several innovative technologies to ease use by law enforcement professionals.  Today the company continues its product development, both in hardware and software, system sales, installation and certification, and customer support.

Mr. Taylor’s joined Western Avionics to apply his experience to the company’s  product development division.  His technical experience is greatly valued in strategic sales, airframe integration, manufacturing process redesign, and his customer centric focus permeates into product development both on the hardware and software.