Get The Right Technology

FMS has been developing and refining this technology since 1996, so we know what works!

FMS is sensitive to our clients differing requirements and budgets, so we offer the system in 4 different levels:


  • This is the FMS Moving Map Software only. This software can be loaded in a laptop with a USB GPS antenna and used operationally for locating addresses.


  • This is the FMS Moving Map Software and solid state hardware combination that can be permanently installed in your aircraft


  • This system includes the software and hardware that connects to your EO/IR camera and will control both the FLIR and your SX-16, or Trakka searchlights. All of the necessary hardware is included for installation and integration into your aircraft


  • This system includes FMS-03 PLUS allows overlay of the moving map directly on your FLIR image.

 One of these systems is right for your operation and budget.

**We will also credit existing FMS customers the software price when they choose to upgrade their system with more capability.**