FMS Moving Map Features

Our Mission Is To Save You Time

The quicker a target address can be identified the more efficient that tactical flight officer is. FMS has coupled the most sophisticated moving map technology with the easiest to use interface available today.

FMS has becom the leader in fully digital moving map technology and has developed the most accurate, hands free FLIR control system available, with systems flying in law enforcement applications all over the world, since 1996.

FMS uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data to produce the most accurate and current map.

FMS uses the latest Inertial Navigation Technology with solid state computers to provide unsurpassed accuracy. Lock the FLIR on a target location and when you return to the screen in seconds or minutes, the target will still be on the screen, no matter what the aircraft has done.

GIS data has the roads in the map before they are built!

Fire Mapping, area calculation in real time and tracking of the fire path.

Search and Rescue Overlays with a breadcrumb trail.

“Threat” Database can be incorporated, or built on the fly.

FMS Can overlay information on the FLIR image. Augmented Reality is available.